Wine With Milk » Blog Archive SALMON & TROUT. 2011. Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon. Bordeaux, France. $10.99.

SALMON & TROUT. 2011. Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon. Bordeaux, France. $10.99.


“I dunno Seneca, the French are assholes,” I advised my girlfriend when she reached for this bottle.

When you’re talkin any wine, particularly euro wine, its best to understand that the smaller the geographic area on the bottle, the better potential for that bottle to be good. If it says its from Bordeaux, like this one, its  prob gonna suck much more than a bottle from a particular Chateau (or vineyard/winery) or smaller area in Bordeaux. And the French can be dicks about their cheap wine on the int’l market because they can charge big time cash to our dumbasses just because it comes from anywhere in France. They can, in fact, be assholes.

So I guess this was an aight wine. The labels cute. It had some apricot nuance and a little bit of that weird white wine petrol taste, but overall it was just simple and flat. Although it had decent body to it, there was no real acidity to brighten the day either. Maybe I’d drink it with that actual fish tail because I’d use a better white wine to drink with the better parts of the salmon or trout.

Goes with: Salmon and trout (the tail portion), a cooking party where you can brag about cooking with a Bordeaux

SCORE: 2.76


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