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RING BOLT Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Margaret River, Australia. $14.99

IMG_0720Grammys Schmammys. Except cheers to Alabama Shakes. Mainstream music actually got that one right.

Still, I’m Ring-Bolting to the room farthest from my TV and “freshening” this night up with some Pearl Jam and minty Margaret River Cabernet.

THE FACTS: Bordeaux, France is the birthplace of Cab. Cab loves it there and it will always be Cab’s home. But Cab likes to travel. Cab really likes California. Cab also really likes South America. But neither place is temperate and maritime like Cab’s true home in France. So Cab wants to keep discovering new places to live. Plus Cab’s tired of being overpriced and generally known as a French wuss-face.

One place Cab discovers is the Margaret River. The Margaret River is outside of Perth in Australia’s southwestern corner and it looks a lot like Cab’s old stomping grounds in Bordeaux. Here, Cab feels right at home with the moderated, but sometimes wet climate surrounded by oceans and rivers. Cab has always been popular, but here Cab takes it to the next level by showing off some of its “cool” minty flavors.

THE LOWDOWN: You smell this and the first thing you get is mint. But not fresh minty mint, its more like that hardcore medicated dandruff shampoo mint. And I mean that in the most endearing way possible. There’s also mad blackberries and red apple spice on the nose. Its intense and its got a lot going on. The palate isn’t typical heavy hardcore Cabernet, but more medium body with a little, but not much, sticky tannin. The finish harks back to its initial smell of Selsun Blue. I should know, I have dry scalp 🙁 .

THE SCORECARD (out of ten)

Color : Red

Smell :

  • Intensity : 9.5
  • Smells like : Selsun Blue, red apples, sweet spice, blackberries

Taste :

  • Sweetness : Dry
  • Acidity : 7
  • Tannin : 5
  • Alcohol : 14.1%
  • Body : Medium-Full
  • Finish : 9
  • Taste intensity: 9
  • Tastes like : Eating blackberries and cinnamon apples while medicating your head in the shower with Selsun Blue
  • Good with : Meat on the barbie, dandruff, noncommercial music

SCORE: 9.79


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