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PURPLE COWBOY. Tenacious Red. 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon / Syrah Blend. Paso Robles, CA. $11.99.


Busted this open as part celebration (for my girlfriend) and part escape (for me) from the Grammys. I think its a shitshow, she loves it and this did a pretty appeasing job of bringing the two of us together for the event. You gotta search for the smell a little bit, but once you find it, its pleasing. More red fruit (take your pick of red fruit, strawberries, cherries, etc) and less of the black raspberry, cassis stuff that a cab and/or syrah is known for.  Syrah and Cab always bring a lot of tannin structure and high acid to the table, generally creating a lot of action in the mouth. Choose your own sexual joke. This keeps that nice, complex trend going. You can definitely feel that dry, coarseness of the tannin but its refreshed and balanced out by that high acidity, which is sometimes lost in a red. Short on the finish but memorable enough to displace those annoying ass Grammy songs about going to church and being happy.

Good with: Anything with ground beef, tacos, chili, nachos.

SCORE: 9.19

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