Wine With Milk » Blog Archive MAYNE SANSAC Bordeaux Blanc 2014, Bordeaux, France, $9.99.

MAYNE SANSAC Bordeaux Blanc 2014, Bordeaux, France, $9.99.

IMG_0727You gotta read the back of this label. “You are sure to appreciate this wine’s brilliant colour, fruity, floral bouquet and excellent balance on the palate. Mayne Sansac starts out fresh and crisp. It is very round and full bodied.”

How f’in French does that sound? Some squirrely University of Bordeaux intern totally saved his lazy ass some time by making effective use of Google Translate. I can hear his boss say to him in French now…”good job Pierre, those shithead Americans don’t read wine labels anyway.”

THE FACTS: They’re right, we don’t. But who cares? Why not pick the coolest looking bottle out? It’s capitalism and its what makes America awesome.

Take this bottle for instance. A while ago I trashed this similar bottle for having a cutesy label and for being French and for only calling themselves a Bordeaux because they sourced their grapes from ALL OVER Bordeaux. I said you’re best bet was to buy a bottle that specifically states the grapes came from a somewhat smaller location…say a particular Chateau or vineyard area in Bordeaux (true statement).

Well the adorable labeled wine ended up suckin ass and I prickishly told my girlfriend I ain’t drinking cheap Bordeaux ever again. So what’s she do? Goes and buys the same type of bottle for my birthday. Women right?

Wrong. This bottle had a much more French looking label (look at that ritsy piece of architecture on the front!) that she thought would appeal to me. And she was right. It was actually pretty damn good. UGH MEN.

In the end, this bottle did have one thing that set it apart from the other white Bordeaux (and could be found on the label!). 25% of it is Muscadelle. To officially call a white Bordeaux “Bordeaux Blanc” its gotta have either one or any of these three grapes: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle.

The Bordeax-ites(?) never really make a full on wine out of straight Muscadelle because its only good for one thing: its giant flowery smell. The rest of it is flabby and lacks structure. So they blend it in, especially with Sauvignon Blanc because Sauvignon Blanc has a reputation for smelling like cat piss. Think of Muscadelle as good perfume for that nasty smelling cat lady.

THE LOWDOWN: Flowers and lemon-citrus on the nose. Again, Semillon = flowers, lemon-citrus = the rest of the crew. The palate has a pronounced apricot (Muscadelle) and Lemon Starburst (Sauv Blanc) that is rather soft and smooth with a pretty hefty body (Semillon). Pretty good showcase of a complex, young white Bordeaux with that classic old school French minerally finish.

THE SCORECARD: (out of ten)

Color : Yellow

Smell :

  • Intensity : 8.5
  • Smells like : Flowers, Lemon Starburst.

Taste :

  • Sweetness : Dry
  • Acidity : 7.5
  • Tannin : 0
  • Alcohol : 12.5%
  • Body : Medium-Full
  • Finish : 7.5
  • Taste intensity: 8
  • Tastes like : Springtime near a river with Lemon Starburst.
  • Good with : White turkey meat, lemon fish, Starburst

SCORE: 8.22



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