Wine With Milk » Blog Archive LUZON VERDE. Monastrell. 2014. Jumilla, Spain. $9.99.

LUZON VERDE. Monastrell. 2014. Jumilla, Spain. $9.99.

IMG_0694 Verde means green. Luzon is the largest and most northern island in the Philippines. Translation: Green Largest and Most Northern Island in the Philippines.

Wtf? This bottle is from Spain. It says so it on the back. Besides, you can’t even grow grapes in Luzon, Philippines.

THE FACTS: Here’s why. Vitis vinifera (nerd-speak for wine grapevines) need to sleep in the winter. They stay up for 6-7 months straight, tirelessly working to make sweet grape babies for us to pick in the fall. Once fall arrives, we steal these sweet grape babies and turn them into booze. Now because they are plants and not humans they end up being totally cool with this and pass out til next spring.

But to officially pass out for a whole season, they need the temps to be consistently under 50 degrees F-heit. And that can only happen in places with winter, mostly between the latitudes of 30 and 50 degrees. So in the jungle land that is the Philippines this would never be possible. They’d make an honest stand but wind up wounded and not even dead. Down. In. Jungleland.

(FYI: Upon further research, Luzon is the last name of the dude who started this winery. Oops.)

THE LOWDOWN: …OLD WORLD UP IN HERE. Thats rap for different aromas and tastes on this wine other than just fruit. Its got flowers, pepper and an essential oil, girl type smell going on with the nose…right next to some definite red fruit action. The palate is more red fruit (think raspberry, cranberry, etc) with a floral finish not much unlike the nose. No oak on this bitch, but thats cool, who needs it, when its throwin all this other complex shiz around. High acid, medium bodied damn fine value wine (more rap, sorry).

THE SCORECARD (out of ten)

Color : Red

Smell :

  • Intensity : 9
  • Smells like : Essential oils, white pepper, cherries, raspberry

Taste :

  • Sweetness : Dry
  • Acidity : 8.5
  • Tannin : 4
  • Alcohol : 14%
  • Body : Medium
  • Finish : 9
  • Taste intensity: 8.5
  • Tastes like : Eating fresh cranberries while showering with a girl.
  • Good with : Pasta and spicy sausage, showers, Boss.

SCORE: 9.18


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