Wine With Milk » Blog Archive HIGH HOOK Pinot Blanc. 2011. Willamette Valley, Oregon. $11.99.

HIGH HOOK Pinot Blanc. 2011. Willamette Valley, Oregon. $11.99.

IMG_0712Every dumb girl you know drinks Pinot Grey (aka Grigio). Every rich ass wine snob you know drinks Pinot Red (aka Noir). But who rocks the Pinot White (aka Blanc)?

THE FACTS: Pinot Blanc is a clone of Pinot Grigio which is a clone of Pinot Noir. Which is a lot of inbreeding. And that leads to a pretty fucked up grape. The poor bastard.

In Burgundy, it could never hold up to Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. In Italy, why mess with Pinot Grigio? Even in its hometown, Alsace, France it’s cast as gypsy white trash against such “noble” varieties as Riesling and Pinot Grigio.

Well guess what? I see your Gypsyyyyyy [enter Stevie Nicks voice]. Its the New Age and it looks like Pinot Blanc-Trash has gone through enough generations of cloning and boning to rid itself of its past genetic issues. In Austria and Slovenia it even went so far as to change its name to Beli Pinot. And its really found its home in Oregon. This one proves it.

THE LOWDOWN: First thing that comes to mind on the nose is yellow apple. What kind of apple is the yellow apple kind? Golden Delicious? Ew. Definitely the weakest of all apple types. Anyway, it works here. Right alongside that is a lemon tart aroma that is quite distinct. Certainly complex up front. The palate is shining with some acidity but its an acidity that’s soft and tamed because its been aged for a little bit (2011 was 5 yrs ago). Think applesaucey-type tastes. Solid bone dry wine that finishes things up with some citrusy lemon.

THE SCORECARD (out of ten)

Color : Yellow

Smell :

  • Intensity : 8.5
  • Smells like : Golden Delicious apples, Lemon tart

Taste :

  • Sweetness : Dry
  • Acidity : 7
  • Tannin : 0
  • Alcohol : 13.5%
  • Body : Medium
  • Finish : 8.5
  • Taste intensity: 8.5
  • Tastes like : Lemon infused applesauce
  • Good with : Chicken dinner, lemon tart, Fleetwood Mac, inbreeding

SCORE: 8.27


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