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GLORIA FERRER Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Wine, Carneros, CA, $14.99.

IMG_0725Remember in your twenties when you’d get all rowdy for your birthday and do as many shots as years you’ve been on the planet then die for a brief second and wake up feeling fine?

Welp, those days are gone. You’re a 30 something mature adult now and such tomfoolery may extend your death seconds to infinity. As such its imperative you throw down accordingly. And that can mean one thing: go bubbly.

THE FACTS: Whether you know it or not, you can’t technically call Champagne Champagne unless its from Champagne. Well scratch that. You can call call it whatever the hell you want. Its the makers of the bubbly that just can’t call it that….on the label.

Now that thats decided, buying a legitimate Champagne is fairly ill advised. And thats based solely on cost. You wanna spring for a dynamite Champagne because you’re a rich butthole? Go right ahead. For us other chaps, we wanna be buyin rip off Champagne. That is, sparkling wine done in the same style as the Champenoisse.

And thats referred to as, wouldn’t you know it, Methode Champenoisse. If you see that on a bottle of sparkling that means a whole other fermentation went down in that very bottle. CO2 from that fermentation got trapped along with dead yeast cells (CO2 is a byproduct of yeast turning sugars into alcohol) and bam, you not only got wine with bubbles in it, but wine that actually tastes like bread or dough or toast. You’ll find the same flavors in a bottle of good Champogne-uh. Here’s to celebratory carb overload.

THE LOWDOWN: All good sparklings are made from grapes picked super super early, and as such they’re always gonna drink with a fair amount of tart acidity. This wines no exception. Definitely a sour apple note throughout the whole thing. But with that classic Champenoisse doughy flavor. Sourdough may in fact be a good description. The nose is beaming with lemon, apple and yeasty notes as well…think straight up bread. Its fizzy, clean and crisp with a some decent complexities.

THE SCORECARD: (out of ten)

Color : Light Yellow

Smell :

  • Intensity : 8
  • Smells like : Bread, sour apples, lemons.

Taste :

  • Sweetness : Dry
  • Acidity : 9.0
  • Tannin : 0
  • Alcohol : 12.5%
  • Body : Light
  • Finish : 7
  • Taste intensity: 8
  • Tastes like : Sourdough and Sprite
  • Good with : Oysters, birthday cakes, party trays

SCORE: 8.13


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