Wine With Milk About Me


My friends call me Milk because my last name, Leiti, is super close in meaning to the word “milk” in Portuguese. And I go f’in nuts for dairy, especially cheese, which I’m sure you’ve heard just about everybody say goes splendid with wine. Maybe that explains why its my go to preference for booze.

Wine is the shit. I mean I love alcohol in all its distorted forms but to me straight hard liquor puts my head in the toilet, mixed drinks make me feel like I’m contracting diabetes and beer is just “meh” anymore. But wine…wine to me just tastes better. It tastes better by itself and it tastes better with food and it even makes the food you’re eating taste better. It’s no secret either. Humans have been swilling this shit since the beginning of time. Christians even call it the blood of the Big J.

When I’m shopping for hooch there are at least 20 different grape varieties in the wine section. And not one is the same because they’re all made in a million different styles across a million different cultures. Could trying all of the affordable ones get old? Definitely not. And that’s exactly what I intend to do.

My deal is simple. I work full time at a winery to help grow the grapes, make the wine and sell it. I’m also certified from the World Spirits Education Trust in wine (whatever that means). I’ve come to the realization that a lot of people’s idea of wine is completely out of whack. Nowhere does it say wine has to be a complicated mess that only pretentious dicks drink. I think its finally time to break down the common misconceptions and barriers of drinking wine. Basically, I wanna start the revolution of liberating it from its own assholishness.

There is an insane amount of tasty, accessible wines under $15 that I happen to believe go down better than a lot of the other alcoholic crap they’re pushing nowadays. My goal is to expose them to you by drinking a bottle a night, 5 nights a week. I’m gonna tell it like I see it and maybe teach you a few things along the way. So next time you’re lost in the liquor store and wanna know what wine will do the trick, look me up and hopefully I can point you in the right direction.