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GEWURZ, 2014 Gewürztraminer, Mendocino County, CA $10.99

IMG_1578Gewürz is short for Gewürztraminer which is long for WTF. Maybe this will help pronouncing it….

Gee (as in duh but with a g, “guh”) würz (as in ouch that “hurts” but with a ‘v’ aka “vurts”) tra (as in duh again but with a ‘tr’ aka “truh”) and miner (as in “meaner” like how much “meaner” is the German language?)

guh-vurtz-truh-meaner. I know, good luck.

THE FACTS: Gewürz in German actually means the word “spice.” “Traminer” is taken from a grape originally from the town of Tramin, in Italy of all places. So a grape aptly called “Spice Tramin” is, wouldn’t you know it, crazy spicy on the nose. And not hot sauce spicy….sweet spicy. One whiff of this and it’ll remind you of sweet baking spices or pie spices (think autumn).

Spice Tramin is known for its aromatics and besides the sweet spice stuff, you can come up with an array of other silly descriptors (see below) that can found on the nose. Its done up best and grows super freakin well in the Alsace region on the French border with Germany…a region that has traded sides like 15 times due to France and Germany not always playing nice together. The resultant wine tends to be oily in texture, sometimes sweet, super perfumey with fairly low acidities and sometimes jacked up alcohol.

THE LOWDOWN: This wine is ridiculously smell good stuff. If you’re a chick and you don’t have time to shower, you might be ok just dumping a bottle of this on top of you. Seriously. It smells like perfume. And also ginger. Like the ginger that comes with sushi. You could even say this thing smells like sushi. And there’s that whole pie spice thing that is definitely there too. The palate drinks with a tad sweetness and a bit of a spritz (not indicative of the grape, just how this wine was made) and a fruit component of apricot and peach. A pear-ishness rounds out the finish. Bang up wine for the price with lotsa fun flavors from start to finish.

THE SCORECARD: (out of ten)

Color : Gold-yellow

Smell :

  • Intensity : 9.5
  • Smells like : Perfume, pie spice, sushi, ginger, apricots

Taste :

  • Sweetness : Off-dry
  • Acidity : 3.5
  • Tannin : 0
  • Alcohol : 12.8%
  • Body : Medium-Full
  • Finish : 8.5
  • Taste intensity: 9.0
  • Tastes like : Eating apricots and pears smushed into a to-go sushi container outside of perfume department in Penny’s
  • Good with : Thai, Chinese, sushi, fragrance

SCORE: 9.29



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